We are TokenLogic

TokenLogic is a team of highly skilled DeFi specialists that partners with communities to address their most crucial challenges at every stage. With our extensive expertise, determination, and collaborative approach, we strive to drive sustainable growth and transformation for businesses.

Our History

TokenLogic was formed in 2023 by Matthew Graham and is inspired by the late Royce Dinsmore. TokenLogic's core values combine the ethos of decentralisation with entrepreneurial spirit and vigorous drive for helping communities achieve their potential.

Our Culture

Our foundational beliefs, reflect our values

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Security before Speed

Safeguarding users' capital is our top priority. While speed is desirable, we prioritize security as essential for the long-term success of our community and the wider industry.

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We believe in the power of achieving together. Through collaboration and building trust, we deliver excellence in all our endeavours.

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We uphold honesty and ethical conduct in all our dealings. Our commitment to doing what is right strengthens our culture and reinforces the trust we build within the community.

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We believe in fostering open lines of communication and transparency. We actively share our knowledge and embrace diverse perspectives, fostering an environment where ideas thrive.

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We foster constructive partnerships and develop close working relationships based on trust. By actively listening to the community's feedback, we strive to find mutually beneficial solutions that empower the community to achieve their goals.


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Together, we can make a meaningful impact, explore limitless possibilities, and shape the future of decentralized finance.

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